​You have something to look forward to; Jizerská 50 RUN trails modified

Melzer Memorial, Maliník and Josefův důl reservoir are places to which the trails of the Jizerská 50 RUN will take race participants this year. The changes in the trails will enable racers to see a lot of new sights from the Jizera Mountains.

This year’s Jizerská 50 RUN will offer previously undiscovered places that were previously not accessible on the trails.

12 km

This year, the shortest trail will not lead from Vládní to the Bedřichov reservoir. The dam is being refurbished and we would not be pleased if any of our racers were injured there. Therefore, the 12 km trail will newly take runners to the Melzer Memorial, where gendarme Robert Melzer is commemorated. From the memorial, the trail covers a beautiful forest path to the Pod Přehradou signpost, where a refreshment stand will be prepared. Racers will then run to the Stammel cross, where they will connect to the original trail.

23 km

Runners on the 23 km route will first run the 12 km trail, but instead of turning at the Melzer Memorial, they will continue onward along the Jizera Mountain Woodlands educational trail to the Maliník saddle, where they will turn around. The Černá Nisa educational trail will take them to the Pod přehradou signpost, where they will be able to have refreshments. The trail then continues in the same way as the shorter route.

50 km

So that racers do not have to weave their way through visitors of the glassmaking fair at Kristiánov, we will present completely new places to the runners of the royal route. This year, the 50 km trail will newly take the racers to Josefův důl reservoir. Immediately at the stadium, it turns to the right throughVelbloud along beautiful forest paths and across the road to Nová louka (which it merely bypasses), arriving at the Josefův důl reservoir and passing along the northern side. At the valley of Hluboký potok, the trail starts to ascend to its highest point – Rozmezí (1,000 m above sea level) and then continues along the original route through Knajpa to Jizerka and then back along Promenádní through Smědava to Tetřeví bouda. Around the Krásná Máří observation deck, the trail continues to Hřebínek and Olivetská hora, then returns through Vládní to the stadium in Bedřichov. Refreshment stands will newly be added this year at Hraniční, Smědava and Tetřeví bouda, thus giving you eleven options to get refreshments on the trail.

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